• Autumn Equinox - Our 2nd Day long event to be held  September 15, 2012
  • More Information Below

This day long event is sponsored by White Mountain Pagan Alliance.

Vendors, workshops, entertainment, food and fellowship!

Featuring an ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fein) Autumn Equinox Druid Ritual

with Sr. Druid Niniann LaCasse at 4:30
There is no entrance fee for attending.

We are still accepting vendors, Entertainers and workshop presenters. We have indoor space as well if you have your own table set up and this could provide quieter spots for service vendors as well; such as Reiki or Readings. The location is in a good traffic area and attendance was good for this public event last year.
For more information and to register, contact Heather at magickinnh@aol.com
or 603-998-7056.

For workshops and entertainment info and registry contact Stormi at Wendic@earthlink.net or 603-254-7889.

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